Celebrating Difference Young People Leaving Care
Celebrating Difference Young People Leaving Care

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Everyone is different – and that’s a very good thing! The UK alone is a very diverse nation, where people from all around the world come to live, study, and work. We are all living side by side with different cultures, so it’s important to learn more about diversity and difference.

This course will look at the benefits of a multicultural and tolerant society, and why working alongside a diverse cast of people of different gender, age, race, and religion is a great thing.

In this course we will look at:

  1. To understand that we are all different – and why that’s agood thing
  2. To be aware of diversity in the UK
  3. To understand the importance of diversity and difference
  4. To know the keywords around diversity and difference, and what they mean

This course has been created by a leading expert on the subject. A panel of young people has reviewed the course to ensure it is young person friendly.

Should you have any questions before, during, or after the course then please speak to a responsible adult.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call 0800 774 7874.

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