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The Leaving Care Training Hub is part of The Big Initiative which is a multi-agency collaboration bringing together expert practitioners to provide exceptional resources free of charge :

Welcome to a place where you can be active, engaged and inspired

The Leaving Care Training Hub

Diabetes Leaving Care
Diabetes Leaving Care

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Diabetes is a condition whereby the amount of glucose in your blood is too high due to the body’s inability use it properly. This is either caused by the pancreas producing no, or not enough, insulin to help glucose enter your body’s cells, or the insulin that is produced not working properly (known as insulin resistance).

The main learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To know what diabetes is
  2. To know the different types of diabetes
  3. To understand how weight can have an impact on diabetes
  4. To know what causes diabetes
  5. To be aware of diet plans and the various diabetes treatment

This course is specifically for employees who work within Leaving Care and is fully CPD accredited.

Should you have 5 or more learners requiring this training please consider the face to face option we offer.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call 0800 774 7874.

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