Understanding And Responding To Children Who Show Harmful Sexual Behaviours Leaving Care
Understanding And Responding To Children Who Show Harmful Sexual Behaviours Leaving Care

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This course explores the harmful sexual behaviours shown by children from a very young age (3-5 years old) all the way through to 17 years old. When it comes to Harmful Sexual Behaviours (HSB), there are a number of myths and misconceptions to deconstruct; the most prevalent being that children who show these behaviours are simply copying the behaviour of abusive adults who have victimised them.

This course uses the latest and most comprehensive research and literature to ensure that professionals understand the reasons why children may show HSB, how to identify and respond to HSB, and to explore the programmes and support available for children showing HSB.

The main learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To understand what is meant by harmful sexual behaviours and why some children display them
  2. To explore the reasons why some children show harmful sexual behaviours
  3. To understand the harmful sexual behaviours perpetrated by children against other children online and offline
  4. To explore the common responses to harmful sexual behaviours in the UK

This course is specifically for employees who work with Leaving Care and is fully CPD accredited.

Upon booking this course, we will discuss the learning objectives and outcomes you wish to achieve based on the young people in your care.

We also have an advanced version, which is specifically for designated individuals or seniors.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call 0800 774 7874.

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