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The Leaving Care Training Hub is part of The Big Initiative which is a multi-agency collaboration bringing together expert practitioners to provide exceptional resources free of charge :

Welcome to a place where you can be active, engaged and inspired

The Leaving Care Training Hub

Mentalization Leaving Care
Mentalization Leaving Care

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The mental process by which an individual implicitly and explicitly interprets the actions of herself and others as meaningful on the basis of intentional mental states such as personal desires, needs, feelings, beliefs, and reasons. The course introduces specific carer techniques associated with a mentalizing stance, to enhance carers confidence as well as to bring a reduction in difficult and aggressive behaviours.

Course Objectives

  1. What is mentalization
  2. Understand relational and development trauma
  3. Attachment and Mentalization
  4. Mentalizing in Looked After Children
  5. How mentalization benefits carers and looked after children psychologically, socially and emotionally
  6. How to practice mentalization

This course is specifically for employee who work with Leaving Care and is fully Cpd accredited.

Upon booking this course, we will discuss the learning objectives and outcomes you wish to achieve based on the young people in your care.

We also have an advanced version, which is specifically for designated individuals or seniors.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call 0800 774 7874.

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